Refueling the Batteries

Cafe du Monde
Beignet break at Cafe du Monde in New Orleans
Tech is taking away the humanity in the world. No more eye contact, mtg new ppl face to face, violent games & movies, I used to be really good at having a conversation with anyone. Anyone. It almost became an art form to me. I would look for new people and then try to see how much I could learn in a short time. Over the past few years though, I have found myself with the need to recharge my batteries more frequently. I have a perception of being type A, outgoing, and full of energy. Truth is, it only comes in spurts. Even 5 minutes at a time I have that cheerleader lets go get it personality followed by another 5 minutes of low. My new mastery is controlling this flow of up/down so that the downs go unnoticed. It becomes more challenging when locked in a meeting room for more than 45 minutes. People start to notice. Questions get asked that I don’t answer with the same enthusiasm. Leading to misinterpreted body language when I don’t have the energy to push.

The idea of running a 50 mile race is foreign, even ludicrous, to most people. That’s because they focus on the perceived hard part. They envision pounding of feet hitting the ground, dehydration of the body, and hours of persistent forward motion. Quickly their minds jump to “that sounds too hard” judgement and close the book. No ability to see what the good could be or how enjoyment can be found.

Running 50 miles recharges me. I admit that doesn’t sound right, but sometimes I need to run the batteries dry to refill the tank effectively. With so much information and responsibilities in life, having one focus is refreshing. There’s no worrying about a deadline. I choose to not be reached. My goal is simply to continue moving forward until I reach the finish line. Along the way will be plenty of challenges and problems to solve.

I believe that everyone has this need to recharge their batteries. For many, sleeping 8 hours at night does the trick. Some don’t know how to handle the flow and a doctor puts them on medication. These are the easy let’s just throw a label on it solutions. Why not dig down to the core problem a bit more? Even just changing what you eat, increase activity, or the people you are around can alter your energy.

That second one … increase activity … how does that make sense to increase your energy? You’re wondering, so if I’m tired I should go run? Pretty much.

You may be becoming lethargic. I’m no doctor, but I do know some big words. Start with a simple walk at lunch. Park your car farther from the door. Chase a kid around (preferably one you know).

Then at the other end of the spectrum, especially if you are in the technology world like me, unplug. Find a coffee shop or spot on the edge of the water. Then just let your mind wander. Don’t force any kind of thought, just drift. Try to make sure you’re not staring at anyone, but soak in the world. Maybe have a pen and paper handy to write down what floats by. It doesn’t have to make sense.

Sometimes we find inspiration in the most unexpected views.

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