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Turtle from the Denver ZooI like to solve problems. The topic or situation doesn’t matter too much to me. Technology, logistics, design, traffic … don’t care. Let’s hear the problem and find a solution. Hearing can’t sends chills down my spine (the irritated kind). Tell me I can’t and most likely you get knocked down on the list of people I want to be around. For me, when I hear can’t, what I’m hearing is:

I’m too lazy to figure it out.

Granted, there are some physical limitations to things. I’m not very big and don’t envision me picking up a car. However, I will find friends or a forklift and pickup that car. Instead of worrying about how hard something will be, first identify the actual goal. Then just start writing down ideas. Any ideas. Pretend you are in Hollywood and come up with solutions for real life.

This is a fun exercise to do just in general. It will help expand your mind. Keep it as picking up an object and writing down everything you could do with it or that it could be. The mind needs more exercise than the body. After all, the body will only do what your mind tells it to.

Hence why I gravitate towards ultrarunning. I can’t think of a run that was perfect. There has always been something that goes wrong, feels off, or an unexpected situation arises. It is a problem solver’s paradise. All you have to make the corrections are what you are carrying. I have been in a marathon that ran out of water, fallen on my face at mile 20 in my first ultra, and ended up in ambulance for drinking too much water. The races and runs that have these problems are my favorite memories. They weren’t boring. An experience actually occurred.

My daughter made a comment:
why do people spend money on video games? You don’t get to take anything.

Parenting opportunity!
That is true, but life is not about how much stuff you can gather. Life is about experiences and creating memories. When you go to the zoo, you don’t bring home stuff. You experience moments with family and friends. That you can take anywhere.

Musical Artwork ChairsIf we can get more people to understand that, they can change the world. For as much as I love technology, I make it a point to not have my face in my phone when around people. Look them in the eyes and speak. It is a much different experience then sending them a Tweet while posting on Facebook and answering an email at the same time. I’m the first to claim I listen better when doing 2 things at once. Whether it’s true or not, the experience is changed.

Find ways to create memorable experiences with others and connect more, by disconnecting more.

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