A fun week filled of running, hot sun, high winds, and packed schedules. Here are 4 things that were pretty fantastic.

1. Daughter has last day of preschool
This one is a mix of fantastic and sad. She has grown tremendously in this school with an incredible teacher. The memories, laughs, and adventures she has will be with her throughout her life. It is always incredible to watch her learn and solve problems.

2. Different view on running
Instead of focusing on how many miles, going to focus on how many hours put on my feet. So far this week I’ve put 5 hours on my feet with a marathon taking place Sunday.

3. New clients
It’s amazing when you announce to your network that you have extra time that people want to hire you. Important to find those companies that want to grow and understand to do that you have to invest in people. Takes money to make money and can’t expect people to work for free, so take care of your most valuable resources if you want to succeed.

4. Overnight birthday parties
This one is actually happening tonight, but I’m pretty excited for my son to be turning 9 and hosting the sleepover. On tap is pizza, ice cream, Root Beer, and Superman. Then in the morning waffle bar. Going to be some tired kids!


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