In my work life, I spend my days helping businesses optimize their processes and grow through technology and marketing. To do this I ask a lot of questions. A lot. For me it’s fun though as I get to play part detective and part doctor. Many times, it is taking what people believe is complex and then simplifying it. Quite often, I’ll spend 6 hours with someone and then summarize it in 3 minutes.

We like to make things complicated. Sometimes it makes us feel like we’re more important if we are involved in complicated things. In the business world, people get wrapped up in their own language that they don’t stop to hear what others are saying. It has to be their way, in their words, and that’s it. No listening. Get frustrated and throw their hands up. Sad way to live as you miss life when you do this. Everyone has an opportunity to learn from another.

Take a step back and look at each person you have around you. Everyone provides a point of view and opportunity for you to grow. Stop yourself and make sure you’re not being busy just to be busy though.

This made me think about the questions I am asked regularly outside of work. I like to look for patterns in how people behave and what happens around me.

Over the next 3 posts I’ll answer 3 common questions I am asked:
Why do you run?
How do you have time to run?
Why do you have 4 kids?

Each of these could be their own week long discussion and make for their own speaking session. For now I’ll keep each topic somewhat short to allow for more questions.

Take note of the questions people ask you on a regular basis.


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