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Boulder Half Marathon Starting LineIt was a day I kind of dreaded coming. For months I had barely put in more then an hour a time on the treadmill. Almost 2 weeks leading up to the day I had been sick. Chest cold, exhaustion, coughing coughing coughing. Now came the time to hit the course and complete another 13.1 miles.

There were no excuses. Just lack of training.

Maybe it’s that last part … “complete another 13.1 miles.” another

At last count, this was half marathon #6. I really don’t keep count anymore as I used to consider this a nice training run. However, most people don’t start their training with 13.1 miles. It’s a good idea to work up to it. I did what I always do and tell myself it’s mental and just move forward. This time though, it seemed like nobody was home.

Sunrise at the Boulder ResevoirMy mind seemed clouded and the phone just kept ringing. I was talking as though my mind had picked up the phone, but really, it seemed like it was off on vacation. I hadn’t taken cold medicine in a couple of days, sinuses were stuffed, and cough hadn’t stopped. That may be a big part of it.

Race day conditions: clear skies, light breeze, starting line 50 degrees, and finish line 72 degrees. You really couldn’t ask for more beautiful weather for a race. The cool wind as the sun beat down on your skin … people pay for that at spas.

The course is 90% on dirt and mostly closed off to traffic. You have an incredible diversity of people participating in this half marathon. From kids to 90 year olds, people are out there doing it. They are focused on moving forward and being out with those that want to be healthy. You could see the determination in their eyes as they looked at ahead. Some were power walking and others shuffling along. Everyone has their own style to get them to the finish line.

At the finish line, I talked with a couple friends. I was asked if I was happy with my race. Here was my response:

“You know, I’m happy that I’m out here. I think of the millions of people that are sitting on the couch. Then I think of the millions that don’t have the physical ability to move forward 13.1 miles. They are in a hospital, they’ve lost their legs, or some other force has limited them. I’m just happy to be able to move forward.”

My disappoint of the time is in nobody myself. I also did allow myself to panic thinking about the Leadville 100 that is just over 4 months away. The thought of “you have to do this 7 more times” after crossing the finish line ate away at me. A valid concern.

I have time to improve and get better, but that time starts now.

Boulder Half Marathon Race Bling

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  1. Geraldine Richards


    so Proud of you Alex … alot of times I am too sitting on the couch in constant pain but I still get in 2 walks a day .. as for the mileage you put on, takes me 2 weeks to do 13 miles but I keep movin on … Love ya Aunt Geri

  2. Jamie


    Some days it really is just in your head. For example: I’ve been clocking up nice mileage lately, so went out for a 13 mile trail run on Sunday. But after six miles I stopped–I simply wasn’t there mentally. You’re right: the best we can do is stay on our feet and keep moving forward. 

  3. Reply

    We all have good ones and bad ones.  Best piece of advice I received is that Every Finish Line brings the Starting Line for a New Race.  Forget about the details of this one and move forward to the next race!

  4. Reply

    Awesome! Not sure if you remember me – I’m the girl who sat next to you on a flight from Charlotte to Denver back in February and chatted about running. Well just thought I’d let a fellow runner know that I completed my first 10K (and first race EVER) last weekend and it was great! Considering looking at a half next…thanks for sharing on your blog! 🙂

  5. LifeisaRun


    Way to power through it though!  That’s a cool medal you earned as well!

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