APEX Trail Golden

Running the APEX Trail

Running the APEX Trail


APEX Trail Golden

APEX Trail GoldenI am learning how to deal with an “off season” and relax from the running bit. It’s not hard to do with my schedule of wife, 4 kids, work, and consulting. At the same time, I don’t feel like I have this influx of extra time. Rather, it’s like my body knows and is forcing me to sleep for 10 hours a night in preparation of what’s on my mind for 2015.

With that being said, I have been asked numerous times what’s on my racing calendar for 2015.

Don’t know quite yet. Much of it will depend on the newly initiated Leadville 100 Mile Run lottery. I would rather have seen them add a qualifier like having to complete a 50 mile run before going to a lottery, but it’s a good fundraiser for their charity foundation. Whether or not my name is drawn, I have a training plan written down for it. That’s a first.

I know that I am definitely running the Colfax Half Marathon in May with Tanya. It was her first half marathon last year and is one of the best organized events I have been in.

IMG_3701One of the reasons I made a job change was to be closer to running activities. This included run clubs, running stores, running friends, and trails. I finally got out to run the APEX trail in Golden. All I knew was that there would be climbing involved, which meant slow time on the feet.

What I forgot was how much fun it was to run downhill! Remember, this is a technical trail so not just smooth surface with an even rhythm using gravity. This is more like running like a ninja and bouncing from side to side, catching yourself when tripping on a rock, but using the speed to soar over a tree. There’s no zoning out when running down the side of a mountain in Colorado. You pay attention, or you fall and lose teeth.

I was there running with Parrott and he was coming up (he did an extra loop) as I was coming down. Not sure what he said as I was in mid-air when we passed each other. Feedback back at the car was that I looked pretty comfortable moving downhill at that speed. Part of my challenge with going up is remembering I can make up time on the way down. In the same thought though, any faster movement up is bonus overall. Running can be a bit of a balance at times.

With that, I just had Lasik retreatment so no running this week, but I am looking at it as an opportunity to work in strength training and time on a bike. I negotiated with the eye doc 5 days of rest rather than 7-10 they tell people. Comes back to schedule and how I’m feeling, but at least there’s a chance!

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