A Sign to Not Run

2013 Colorado Flood

2013 Colorado FloodI was just talking about how asking me if I should run is a stupid question. Pushing through failure and slumps to keep moving forward. I have just been feeling “down” and not sure if it is something the kids brought home from starting school or doing more damage than I think. My goal was no matter what to head out for a 2 hour run Thursday morning.

Then God intervened.

Starting Wednesday late afternoon it began to rain. The rain kept going. Then the wind. Then it rained harder. I received a text alert that there was a flood warning in effect until 11p. Now I really wanted to get up in the morning and run. It feels great running after a big rainstorm. The ground is soft, air is clean … like running through a poem.

However, the rain did not stop.

At 3am I woke up to the noise of the weather. The local news was already live, schools were cancelled, and evacuations being ordered. Looking out the window, the irrigation ditch (see photo above) was almost to the road and moving fast.

Not running outside today.

Last word was that the U.S. Coast Guard is coming to Colorado … a landlocked state. That’s the situation here.

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