Leadville Mayqueen

To Run or Not to Run … Stupid Question

To Run or Not to Run … Stupid Question


Leadville Mayqueen

Leadville MayqueenHere’s what is cool about the group of people I surround myself with. Even after my dumb mistake at Leadville that sent me to the Emergency Room (lovely medical staff at St. Vincent Hospital by the way), I keep getting asked what my next race is.

Most of the conversations have gone like:
Friend: So what happened?
Me: (quick recap of running 40 miles without electrolytes and going to ER)
Friend: That’s crazy! So what are you signed up for next?

There was a moment after Leadville when I considered taking time off from running. Not because of what happened, or that I don’t like it anymore, or that I accept defeat. More due to the evidence my life doesn’t allow me to train fully for ultramarathons as I should. Wife and 4 kids, then work, and then running. In that order.

Could I just do half marathons? Sure. In fact, I could just focus on speed work and rock 5ks.

I’m finding my mentality is a bit different:

I would rather fail at trying something big than succeed at something easy.

For years I have been searching for that line of impossible. In 2007 I thought it was the half marathon. I completed my first half marathon in rain and sleet with plenty of time to spare. In 2009 I completed my first marathon. No big deal. 2011 came my first ultramarathon. A little squeaky, but did so in Leadville with 20 miles/week of training. Then came the 2012 Leadville 100. Made it to mile 52 after the cutoff time. There’s the line:

52 miles at high altitude

After Leadville this year, I looked at a 100 mile race in Kansas. As my friend pointed out:

Dude your from Colorado. A 100 mile race in Kansas doesn’t count.

Point taken.

At this point, I am still not hitting more than 25 miles/week. Kids going back to school means they bring home some fine germs to share and there are other changes in the air. For ultras, I have found my mental key to completing them. As always, I just need to make sure my nutrition/calorie plan is dialed in. There may be more donuts at my next race in my drop bag.

I am signed up for another race. It is this month and it is an ultramarathon. When completed, it will be the farthest distance I have traveled in one day. Yes, it is in Colorado. What race? You’ll have to check back and see.

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