Running and Naming

1:00:00 – 5.5 miles

The evening before involved a 3 hour naming-a-company-brainstorming that had me wired and a couple beers were not helping. So for most of the night I was in and out of sleep. With only having 4.5 hours of sleep, a 5.5 mile run doesn’t seem all that bad. That puts me over 17 miles for the week which is close to half marathon training pace and not marathon pace.

Back to the naming the company … there are 2 ways you can go with this:
1) Give the company a name that explains instantaneously what the company does.
2) Give the company a name that has absolutely nothing to do with what the company does.

We are working off the 2nd one.

To get the juices flowing, we started off with a round of drinks. Then we presented what the company does, the target audience, and all of the pieces the product will provide. On the walls, we placed words that could be used and joined together with other words to come up with suggestions. Everyone had sticky notes and was able to write down their ideas, words, and suggestions and then stick them on the wall.

Next round of drinks.

We went through the sticky notes to generate additional ideas. Then went around the tables and had people say what street they grew up on and their first dog’s name. I liked Bandit Rockefeller.

Drinks kept flowing and we left the bar with about 60+ names, words, logo sketches, and a buzz. Over the next week or two, hopefully we will finalize a name.

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