Variable Constant

Variable Constant


5.43 miles — 1:05:00

I haven’t ran since Wednesday due to an intense schedule. This brings me to today’s thoughts that involved schedules.

When I run, or do many other things, I like to test out different schedules and patterns to see how it impacts my performance. For running this morning, I went out 2 hours later then normal. Not completely planned, but interested to see how it would go. Well, it did not go so well. I still went over 5 miles, but I could tell from the beginning that it would not be good. Another variable that was changed since my last run would be my music mix. My theory was that if I played some slower music or comedy-talking tracks, that it would slow my heartbeat down. That didn’t work so much either. Then there is what I consume before I run. Apparently coffee and pop-tarts are not the way to go.

One type of music that did seem constant with helping me was the bagpiper rock band Off Kilter. This is a band we discovered at the Scottish Festival we go to every September in Estes Park. Oh yes, we go full Ross kilt and all!

Next running change (aside from going back to running at 6am again) is to try the engery goos before I run and then every 30 minutes thereafter.

Or maybe I will stop at Starbucks along the run.

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