In the Mountains

In the Mountains


Non-Running Day

While today is not a scheduled running day, I covered just as much ground in a few hours. The morning started out with an interview phone call at 8a. I go into storytelling mode when people start asking me about marketing strategies and campaigns I have created. 9-10 was a conference call with a company I am providing consulting services for. 10 was on the road with the family to Keystone to do the final walk-through of the conference I am putting on 9/19 – 9/21 for TimeCentre. This included walking through 3 facilities, touring 2 condos, taking the family on a paddle boat (and doing all of the paddling for 30 minutes straight), dinner at the restaurant where the comedy night will be held, and a ride on the gondola to 14,270 feet. Sometimes I was carrying a child. Sometimes I was carrying 2.

While a very productive day, knees are sore and feet hurt.

I look forward to running 8 miles on Saturday.

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