Filling the Miles


It has been an interesting ride the past 4 months with no traditional full time job. Like running, it has been a nice going-back to challenging what everyone else considers normal. Yes, there are days…

Fall Down, Get Back Up


After a long hiatus, due to work and other people's demands, I made it back to a favorite trail of mine in Lyons, Colorado called Hall Ranch. It's a lollipop route that you run up…

Always the Busy


Today was my first day of not being tied to a schedule, computer, or agenda set by someone else. Yet I would say I didn't take more than 25 minutes to stop for a moment…

It Is What It Is


There are many reasons why I like running. The act of running itself is rarely the reason I like running. It's more about the people in the running community that motivate me to continue. They…

McDowell Mountain Frenzy

50 Miles Through the Desert


It was cold, then hot, then cold. A year of working from home has meant 2 hours less in the car each day so more time to get back to running! After races kept being…

2017 Leadville 100 Learnings


Part of my strategy earlier this year of finishing my first 100 mile race was to prove to myself I could travel the distance. I'm quite honest with myself and know that each race is…

Post 100 Run Convos


The days following my first 100 mile finish were pretty awesome. And painful. Mostly awesome though thanks to the people in my life. In addition to the congratulations and messages received via social media, it…

My First 100 Mile Finish – Part 2


Continuing on the 100 mile run … When we last left me, I had just arrived in Iola at the turnaround point in Iola at mile 51. It was still raining and there was wind.…

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