National Running Day 2014

National Running Day 2014


RunToWorkEndIt is National Running Day, so I decided to run to work … 25 miles. That would be the farthest I have run in 8 months. I left the house just before 1am. All was pretty good until mile 12. That’s when first signs of struggle started to happen. Nothing major, but definitely noticed additional effort was needed at that point. My goal was time on feet and there were some climbs, so that was good. I noticed my pace certainly picked up when running through very dark sections of the road with underpasses. Oh I started with a headlamp, but batteries died. Radio? Batteries died as well. I did have a blinking red light clipped onto the back of my shorts, so there was some type of light source.

Here’s a video I posted at the end of the run.

The views when running at sunrise are pretty incredible:

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  1. Congrats on a good morning run! I’m hoping my new kicks will arrive today so I can give them an auspicious inaugural run! 🙂

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