Sunday I did an 8 mile trail run and yesterday a 4.25 mile hill workout. All good stuff and feeling it in the legs so decided for a day off from running.

I often get asked why do I run. People try to offer their own rationalizations:

    Am I trying to lose weight?
    Are you not able to sit still?
    Do I like pain?

Truth of the matter all the above are answers.

I don’t need to lose weight, but running does cause this to happen. Another comment I get is that it seems like I’m either running or eating donuts. Right. I run enough that I can eat donuts. With that being said, my increased running activity has altered what and how much I eat. I do eat donuts, but instead of eating 6 at a time, I eat no more then 2. Instead of eating 23 chicken wings in a sitting, I only eat 8. Once I started becoming more active, I started changing the way I thought about food and became more aware of when I wasn’t moving.

Which leads me to the second point … sitting still is something I’m not very good at doing. There was a time when I could sit on a beach and stare at the water for hours. Now that I have responsibilities, it’s hard to push aside those pressures and just relax. Running has helped with this escape. When I’m running, it’s just me. I have control and nobody can interrupt that.

Do I like pain? In some ways yes. I guess it let’s me know I’m still alive and that I can move the threshold line on my terms. In 2007 I ran the Denver Half Marathon with almost no training. Standing in the crowd at the starting line, I had fear overtaking my brain. 13.1 miles seemed like such a daunting task, yet here are thousands of others on the same adventure to make it to the finish line. Through the rain, sleet, and joys I made it to the finish line. Last month I completed my first ultramarathon. 50 miles in Leadville over 12,000 feet peaks 4 times with only a few hundred others. I changed the way I think about running which in turn has changed the way I think about life. These physical challenges have also altered how I react to life.

So there you have it, a short blurb on reasons why I run. There are more reasons why I run, but can address those in the future or as the question is asked.

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