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NYSE commercials

Why is the NYSE advertising on television? It seems like a general message to an audience not completely engaged in the stock market. Generally the news about the stock market is focused on the negative as it relates to the loan crisis. A more direct marketing campaign that involves a more personal touch would be

Google Sneaks into Social Media

Maybe Google is upset they didn’t jump on the social networking first. Instead of trying to enter the market now, why not create a set of standards everyone has to follow? With MySpace signing off on the standards, this could fall in line with Google wanting to enter the wireless device market. The standards will

Writers Set to Strike

4.0 miles – 50:00 Maybe it is time for the Hollywood writers to strike … that way they can rest their brains and come up with more creative material. It appears that over the past 5 years there has been very little creativity on television and in the movies. Everything seems to be a recreation

Rockies Rock Downtown

When a party starts out with the band Opie Gone Bad, you know it will be a great party. A couple thousand people braved the chilly air to show their appreciation of a team that had no expectations. Mayor Hickenlooper led at the mic followed by Governor Ritter. It is apparent to see why their

Star Wars Goes Into Space

On the current NASA mission, STS-120, R2-D2 and Luke Skywalker’s lightsaber is making it’s first real journey into space. Looking back on movies and television, it is amazing how far-fetched some of the ideas have been … and that are now a reality. Star Trek was the first to have automatic doors, scanning devices, and

Rockies Celebration Wednesday

The Colorado Rockies will hold a party tomorrow (10/31) at 11:45a to thank the fans for their support. I will be onsite to see and hear what happens to report back along with photos. Expected to be in attendance are Governor Ritter, Mayor Hickenlooper, team manager Clint Hurdle and players including Matt Holliday and Garrett

Space and PR

Space being used to prove a point. Yesterday, China became the 3rd country to send a human into space (Click here for story). The mission goal is to travel to the moon and launch a satellite to further map the surface of the lunar object. Within 5 years, China plans on a rover, similar to

Price is Right

2.50 miles — 30:00 Same distance and time as previous run. I was bored. The treadmill I was on was focused on the game show ‘The Price is Right.’ This brought back many memories from my childhood. Growing up, I would watch The Price is Right with my mom. It was great training for going