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Space Shuttle to Land Today

Space shuttle Discovery is on track to land today at Kennedy Space Center in Florida. First opportunity is 1:02 p.m. EST which would put the first maneuver at 11:59 a.m. Next opportunity would be around 2:32 p.m. This mission has proven how much skill it takes to be an astronaut. These professionals are in a

5th Planet Found

Being the space-dork I am, I was excited to see the discovery of another solar system that has at least 5 planets orbiting around a star. The solar system is 41 light-years away and produces evidence that there may be potential for life out in the universe. Or maybe we are just the most advanced

Wall Street Journal Online Still Charges

I’m confused, why does the Wall Street Journal charge for an online subscription? And who is paying this? Even CNN attempted to do this online for awhile and realized that it was futile. The Washington Post, Boston Globe, and New York Times all provide their content free to users online. With the plethora of research

Gas Prices on the Rise

Have we become complacent again to the rising price of gas? With the holidays approaching, we know that the price per gallon is going to surpass $3 easily. Currently in Colorado, gas prices are hovering around $3. The media has covered the barrel price, but over the past month, there does not seem to be

Countries Collaborate for Space Exploration

One person (Howard) posted a comment wanting to see countries collaborate together in an effort to explore space deeper. It is coming and being titled Space 3.0 (I love it when marketing and space mix!). This article talks about the discussions and decisions that took place at the Humans in Outer Space – Interdisciplinary Odysseys

Drew Carey supports pot

It’s always nice when a celebrity comes out in support of medical marijuana, but sometimes I think it has to be the right celebrity. If George Clooney and Julia Roberts spoke out in support, that would be more helpful. 4.66 miles – 52:54

Zadi Diaz – Entertaining News

EPIC-FU is a video-blog site I found that presents news in a fast-paced video format that keeps you interested. In this episode, I appreciate the response to Miss Teen South Carolina’s response to geography to George Bush’s ability to answer a question. The FaceBall part is great!