Maybe Google is upset they didn’t jump on the social networking first. Instead of trying to enter the market now, why not create a set of standards everyone has to follow? With MySpace signing off on the standards, this could fall in line with Google wanting to enter the wireless device market. The standards will make it easier for Google to produce applications for their devices allowing users to access Google’s applications.

So if you thought Google was just being nice and helping to create standards, then you haven’t been in business for very long.

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  1. Howard


    There was a really good article about Facebook, in last month’s Wired mag, which is trying to do the same thing. I prefer Facebook myself, but understand that business and technology will go to where the dollars are.

  2. Administrator


    I prefer Facebook as well … from a design and functionality standpoint. MySpace has its great areas for businesses, actors, comedian, and musicians trying to generate interest.

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