Space being used to prove a point. Yesterday, China became the 3rd country to send a human into space (Click here for story). The mission goal is to travel to the moon and launch a satellite to further map the surface of the lunar object. Within 5 years, China plans on a rover, similar to that of the one currently on Mars, to be on the moon and providing extensive exploration and data gathering. Their actions are part of a plan to show the world that the country’s technology is there and that they can be part of a fast-paced world. In marketing terms, the country is improving their image. This is part of a campaign to elevate the status of the country, boost morale of its citizens, and generate interest to receive funding and partner support.

While the U.S. continually debates what to do next with the space program and how it will be done faster then any other country, China appears to be staying on schedule and under the radar. In the U.S., shuttle launches and mission coverages seem to be on the decline. With television shows taking viewers beyond the Milky Way and plethora of information at their fingertips, people have become desensitized to the awe that these astronauts are leaving the planet. Someone once said to me that it seems dangerous to be an astronaut. My response was that they have a hydrogen rocket strapped to their back, traveling at thousands of miles per hour, and soaring into the solar system.

From a PR/Marketing standpoint, NASA needs a more focused and vocal strategy. Any thoughts on where to begin?

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