The Colorado Rockies will hold a party tomorrow (10/31) at 11:45a to thank the fans for their support. I will be onsite to see and hear what happens to report back along with photos. Expected to be in attendance are Governor Ritter, Mayor Hickenlooper, team manager Clint Hurdle and players including Matt Holliday and Garrett Atkins.

Rockies players have been honest about the level of play they were up against and give credit where it is due. Boston played a tight series and the Rockies were happy to just be there. It is great experience for the Rockies organization for next year … from the players knowing what to expect to the management staff knowing how to sell tickets.

While Colorado is very much a football-focused state, it was nice to feel the excitement of people talking about baseball games and coming together to be one force. There were no high expectations, just the hope to see some great baseball and new stars born. The 2008 World Series provided both.

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