2.50 miles — 30:00

While my right foot was still hurting, I decided to try out a new gym and run it. Remember, I am not a professional, so do not try anything I do! There is a large gym near where I work downtown called the Colorado Athletic Club. I went for a tour yesterday, heard the sales pitch, and received my free 5 day pass. What I like about the place is the number of group classes they offer, towel service, hot and wet spa, whirlpool, treadmills with tvs at the machine, and location. I woke up at 5:15a and after 2 bus rides later, I arrived at the gym at 6:30a. I headed to the treadmill and started my run.

First off, I forgot how boring it is to run on a treadmill. It was nice to watch a little ESPN again and get caught up on the news. After the first mile my foot didn’t really hurt and it was all good! Did a walk around the gym, sat in the whirlpool and then the dry sauna (both time suckers), showered, and off to work by 8a. Not a bad morning!

Next decision: coffee and donuts? Probably not.

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