7.10 miles — 1:24:19

It was cold this morning.

I was thinking today about the interviews and discussions I have had over the past week. Is the world really as negative as people perceive it to be? Or is it all of the people perceiving it to be negative that is making it negative? I had an interview with a company this week and they were almost in shock of how positive I was. The question ‘how do you get along with someone that is not easy to get along with?’ is one I have never really thought of. Maybe it is because I understand that everyone is different and has different goals in life, but I just choose to be around positive people. Another person said to me that it was refreshing to finally meet someone with such a positive outlook on life. Really? Let’s have a little trust in people. Yes, you will get burned by people who take advantage of your trust, but if you know that going in, then you shouldn’t be that surprised when it happens. Expect change and be ready for it (that is a whole separate post!).

My theory is if we keep surrounding ourselves with happy people, then there won’t be any negative people left.

Or the negative people will be on an island somewhere.

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