A Name For What Ails Me


It's no secret that 2015 was not a year of running for me. The first half of the year I chalked up to life. Kids activities, school happenings, and work. That right there fills a…

Where the hell are you?


The past 5 months have been an adventure of being overwhelmed with no balance. Thanks to the ankle incident of 2015 on one of my favorite trails, running came to a halt. Okay, I was…

Why Do You Look So Angry?


Dude, why do you look so angry? I have heard this more frequently over the past 2 months. From the starting line of Run Rabbit Run 100 to people at work. I'll just be standing…

All About the Hot Chocolate


They really seem to have a race for every type of motivation. Whether it be a half marathon for wine or pub crawl. A race all around chocolate? Bring it on. My wife wanted a…

Ankle Post-Ultra


"Wow I can't believe you went 30 miles up and down 2 mountains on that ankle!" Thank you? Looking back at Run Rabbit Run 100, I am well aware I was in the worst shape…

RRR100 Climbing and more


I never lose. I either win or learn. Only a few people knew my real goal for Run Rabbit Run 100 in Steamboat: to unplug from the world for a day. Sure, it would be…

Ankle Update on the No Run


Running is a lot like life ... things are on the right path and with a simple twist, all of it goes off track. Come to find out, it wasn't just a simple twist for…

2015 Silver Rush 50 – Unexpected Crewing


There are signs all around us when to stop. Most of us ignore them because we are blinded by a particular goal set. I set big goals. Stupid goals to many. Then again, they’re probably…

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