We all know someone impacted by cancer

I didn’t think cancer impacted me until my neighbor lost her battle. She was like a grandmother to my 4 kids and always full of energy. This inspired me to run the 2011 Denver Marathon for Team Determination. Through that journey, I was open to people that sit next to me everyday that are impacted or have survived cancer. I’ve listened to their stories, heard about the hard days, and felt the worry they experience.

My wife and 4 children are healthy and this journey is part of a way to help ensure a better future. I don’t want to see anymore friends get the news they have cancer. This is a personal fight, but 1 can turn into a few, and a few turn into a crowd quickly.

Donate to the American Cancer Society

100 miles in 1 day for $10,000

People fighting cancer struggle everyday, but they don’t have to do it alone. Cancer fighters have a support crew of family, doctors, nurses, and more behind the scenes. You can become part of this support crew by donating today!

In August I will run the infamous Leadville 100 Mile Trail Run. This is the legendary “Race Across The Sky” 100-mile Run where it all started 31 years ago. One hundred miles of extreme Colorado Rockies terrain — from elevations of 9,200 to 12,600 feet. My limits will be tested, just like those that battle cancer every single day.

Research is being done to help the fight and work towards a cure. If everyone gave up just 1 Starbucks coffee a week, they could donate over $200! Be part of something bigger today and tell others. Most people donate around $100 and share their stories. You will be amazed at the conversations this one act will generate and what you can learn about people you’ve known for a long time.

If you have questions please contact me!

Your Company Want to Be Seen?

Your company donation includes:

Logo on my race shirt
Video documentary will include your logo & company name
Placement on blog
Twitter & Facebook promotions
Content written for your site & distribution
Press Release announcing the sponsorship
Contributing to finding a cure for cancer!
I am limiting this to only 5 companies to maximize visibility. The donation level for this is $1,000. It is all about us coming together as a world towards a day when cancer impacts us no more.

Donate directly to the American Cancer Society which is tax deductible.

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