Happy People

7.10 miles — 1:24:19 It was cold this morning. I was thinking today about the interviews and discussions I have had over the past week. Is the world really as negative as people perceive it to be? Or is it all of the people perceiving it to be negative that is making it negative? I

Interviews and Gel

7.54 miles — 1:27:00 Yes, 2 days in a row. Smart idea? Call me later. I began the run with the intention of thinking about the 2 interviews I have scheduled this morning. That didn’t happen. Instead, I thought about the upcoming conference I am planning, and the comedians that are supplying the entertainment. These

Thoughts on the Run

6.25 miles — 1:11:08 Today was the first time in as long as I can remember that I went out running at 6am. As I run, I have these ideas pop into my head about a new business to start or how to expand my existing company. The challenge is that I don’t run with