It was a week of talking about failures, wins, and finding people that want to grow and be successful. Lots of fantastic things once I stopped to take a look!

1. 2 oldest kids in school chess tournament
They had a lot of fun and moved at a crazy pace. When I play chess, it’s a nice calming take your time to make your move type of play. In this tournament, there was a clock and each had a total of 3 minutes to play. Once someone’s time ran out, you counted the points of the pieces you had captured (new to me as well!) to see who won. Ian took it all the way to become Grand Chess Master of the school! Then he played me in front of everyone and schooled me.
Chess Grand Master

2. Met People that Understand Growing a Company
This week I met with a company that understands growth. They get that you have to invest in the people for success as they are the most valuable resource in an organization. It was refreshing to be reminded that there are those out there that understand and move forward with it. This particular company even has a department responsible for the professional development of their employees. Invest in your employees and your customers will reap the rewards.

3. Less then 100 days until Leadville
This countdown marker was both fantastic and freaked me out a little. I was reminded though that I am working on finding a socially conscious company to donate directly to the American Cancer Society under my name. That gets them their logo on my race shirt, this site (10k views a month), and in the video (self made documentary), plus links, posts, speaking, and more! Ask my current nutrition sponsor SunRype what happens, they have seen the results! The company just donates $5k directly to ACS and gets their tax deduction and PR! Everyone coming together to do a little adds up to an incredible amount. I will certainly be needing my team to help me completely 100 miles in one day!
The Running Shadow

4. My first DNF
Yes, this is fantastic … now. I have had some great conversations with people since it has happened. Many people have told me stories about their first DNF that ranged from a triathlon last weekend to a marathon in Dublin. I really did learn from it and have already put the new information to good use. This week I’ve put in 24 miles of running, including my favorite local trail, which has helped put things back into perspective. Failing can be very helpful and is part of life. Accept it.
Get Better Poster from DNF

and to leave you with a smile … Mother’s Day edition:
Mother's Day Funny Card

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