31:00 – 3 miles

It felt really good to run again! 3 days after my first marathon and I am walking with no issues. Granted, my legs are still a bit sore, but I’m just ignoring it and pushing on. Started some new core exercises today … they work.

Remember 3 weeks ago when I said the media was blowing this whole swine flu out of proportion? Yeah, turns out it’s still just the flu.

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  1. Howard


    Jude made a good observation. Flu kills about 36,000 a year on average. When the death toll gets to 36,001, call me, otherwise I'm not interested in the swine flu anymore.

    Also, we both, yes both, are signing up for Rock n Roll in Vegas in December. Interested?

  2. 720x


    I am very interested in the Vegas Rock n Roll marathon! Are you going to do the half or what's your plan?

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