Just read an article titled Using Compliments To Control Communication about the power of manipulation. This works only if people don’t know that you are doing it. At the same time, you should naturally want to compliment.

People have often asked me what my management style is. My answer for the past 7 years has been ‘managing through relationships.’ While I say this and feel like it is a ‘duh’ I find that people just don’t get it. Here are the types I find:

1) You have the power-crazed people who love to boss people around
2) The person that has the title which believes that immediately expects respect (an entire separate blog later)
3) Someone’s first time in a leadership position
4) Employee who was excellent on tech support so made them the manager with no skill to be one (Peter Principle)
5) The manager that wants to be everyone’s friend

Think of anymore?


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